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Here is a list of the most recent posts in the Cozahost blog:

  • 6 ABCs of internet advertising
    6 ABCs of internet advertising

    Effective advertising is the rain that allows a business to survive and to grow. Here is what you need to know about internet advertising - without which you might as well be burning your money.

  • The death of email
    The death of email

    Email may already be dead - we just haven’t noticed it yet.  In fact, long after it is rotting in the techno-grave, we may still call it email, but it isn’t really - just like your cell is everything but a phone.

  • What is Google Plus?
    What is Google Plus?

    Google Plus is a free Google service that serves as both your home on the internet and your Google search 'guide'. It allows you to build news feeds of information important to you - by 'following' people and communities. It is not just a web site, but a glue.

  • What is cloud computing?
    What is cloud computing?


    Cloud computing:  It's fantastic and simple. Elegant and complex. As cheap as a cup of coffee.  As important and as invisible as electricity.


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